Channel Surfing For 9/11 Truth: A Video Investigation This 90 minute video investigation into who really did 9 focuses on video evidence from mainstream media news networks and looks back at different politicians caught on tape from the perspective of a 9/11 truthers ten years later…Who had motives and the means to pull off the attacks and who benefitted from 9/11? “CHANNEL SURFING FOR 9/11 TRUTH” is for people who realize 9/11 is being covered up, and want to know who actually did it… PLEASE RATE AND HELP SHARE THIS VIDEO + SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL I tried to keep this film quick and to the point to show why we need a new investigation into 9/11. There is even more evidence that has been omitted to try to keep this less than an hour and a half. I do not touch on physical evidence of controlled demolitions as others have all ready done the topic justice and I don’t have time here. For info on why the official 9/11 story is impossible (and evidence of controlled demolitions) see For a list of list of people calling for a new investigation into 9 11 see Also check out the film “War by Deception 2011” by Ryan Dawson. Notable people saying about the same thing I do about 9/11… Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College former BBC Panorama presenter specialising in the Middle East Alan Hart. and more… FURTHER READING google “lavon affair” and
Video Rating: 4 / 5