9/11 Conspiracy Theory – Pentagon Analysis with Jesse Ventura

Governer Jesse Ventura touches the surface of what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. For additional information please check the links in the description below: What happened to the original Flight 77 and all the people with Top Secret clearances who were aboard? Were they assassinated or did they have their deaths faked so they could go work on an even more top secret mission? We can find a TriState Airport extremely close to the point where Flight 77 was “hijacked”…Could Flight 77 have landed there? The same Coroner signed off on all the bodies from all 4 Flights… Furthermore, he claimed to have identified the terrorists using DNA evidence which would require them to have samples of the Terrorists DNA prior to 9/11 I believe an Air Force AWACS Fighter Jet shot the missile at the Pentagon, because the Pentagon is surrounded on all sides by SAM (Surface to Air Missiles) sites which automatically shoot down anything approaching that doesn’t display a “friendly” signal. Only “Friendlies” would have that signal, and only our own Military Air Craft can fly over the Pentagon without being shot out of the sky. Never mind do an impossible 220 degree dive maneuver in plain view and clear range of these SAM sites… Besides if terrorists were really flying this plane they would have dove straight into the North Wing where all the main offices were, not the West Wing… UA 175 last 12 seconds – technical analysis: Cheney’s Stand down