9/11 Conspiracy – Crash Course #3 of 4

9-11 Conspiracy – Crash Course #1: 9-11 Conspiracy – Crash Course #2: 9-11 Conspiracy – Crash Course #3: 9-11 Conspiracy – Crash Course #4: What Does a Demolition Look Like?: Politicians Question 9-11 #1: Max Cleland: Part 1 -The building of the World Trade Center -President George Bush claims to have seen the plane crash into the South Tower at the time in which in happened–even though the first crash wasn’t televised at the time -Les Robertson (WTC structural engineer) and Frank A. DeMartini (Manager, WTC Construction & Project Management) tell how they built the WTC with plane crashes in mind -Jonathan R. Barnett, Ph.D. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) says that he had never seen a protected steel structure collapse in a fire -James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Deluth) and Jeff King (MIT engineer/research scientist) give their synopsis of the WTC collapses. Also: -The melting point of steel -Properties of the WTC steel -Burning temperatures of kerosene-based jet fuel -Temperatures in the WTC on 9-11 -Black smoke as an indicator of an oxygen-poor fire. Part 2 -Eyewitnesses recall multiple “explosions” -NBC’s Pat Dawson relates that FDNY’s Fire Safety Chief, Albert Turi thought that there were “devices planted in the building” -William Rodriguez (20+ year WTC employee, and last survivor to exit the WTC) gives his statement of
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